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Dr. Kirk Shanks, Energy Duo, Energy Consultants

Dr. Kirk Shanks

Dr. Kirk Shanks is the senior researcher in the School of Architecture in the Dublin Institute of Technology, founder of the Research in Sustainable Environments Unit (RiSE) he has been a key mover in creating new research programmes and groups.

With his team of PhD students and researchers he carries out research on a range of low carbon building, sustainable energy system and strategic planning and forecasting topics. He has headed up Irish involvement in European Commission projects and has worked on collaborative projects with teams from 15 institutions across Europe. He is published and presented internationally and given seminars to both technical and non-technical audiences.

More recently, his work in energy use behaviour research led to him being consultant to the first two phases of the Power of One Street energy efficiency campaign initiatives and presenting on the RTE series 'My family aren't wasters...'. Through this community outreach he has recorded segments for Morning Ireland and RTE's 'About the house'.

Kirk also continues to be active in industrial research and innovation projects and provides advice to new high potential start-ups.

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Tel (mobile): +353-86-3700-764
Email: kirk@energyduo.ie

Aodhan MacPhaidín, Energy Duo, Energy Consultants

 Aodhan MacPhaidín

Aodhan is currently working with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) on an initiative called 'Power of One Communities'. The work involves developing household and facilitators resources and coaching residents with the aim of helping households reduce their energy use by 20% through changing their behaviour.

Aodhan also works with TG4 presenting segments related to sustainable issues on the consumer awareness programme 'Luach ar Linne'. Aodhan has also worked with TG4 on 'Teach Glás' where he was filmed surveying houses, predicting possible energy rating results and once the calculations were complete, advising the home owner of options to improve the energy rating and overall performance of the dwelling.

In 2008 Aodhan worked with RTE Cork as co-presenter on a series called 'My Family Aren’t Wasters', where two families had to radically reduce their energy consumption and learn to live sustainably. The work involved setting the families four challenges in relation to - Electricity, Heating, Transport & Waste, and their every move was monitored over several months while still living their normal lives. The objective was to get the families to reduce their consumption by making simple behavioural changes and the families were penalised when they exceeded consumption and were rewarded when they passed each challenge: www.rte.ie/tv/wasters/index.

In 2007 and 2008 Aodhan worked as the spokesperson for the 'Power of One', energy efficiency campaign. The work involved giving detailed presentations on energy efficiency to Government Departments, businesses, colleges, schools, public speaking at energy events and undertook all radio, newspaper and television interviews in relation to the campaign (www.powerofone.ie). He also worked as an energy coach/consultant on an interactive element of the Power of One campaign called the Power of One Street which ran for two years. The work involved the monitoring and coaching of families, schools and businesses around the country, in an effort to help them reduce their energy use and to improve their overall energy awareness. The campaign was filmed by RTE's Six One News once a month see Media Projects

In 2004 Aodhan co-founded the Sustainability Research Development Group in the Dublin Institute of Technology. As Research Architect he was responsible for projects in areas such as timber framed construction and alternative energy technologies.

Prior to this Aodhan joined ERG at University College Dublin as a Researcher during his MSc, and worked on a wide range of projects. Through his early career as Project Manager/Project Architect in New York, Aodhan has wide ranging experience in project management of large scale residential and commercial projects.

Contact details

Tel (mobile): +353-86-194-3902
Email: aodhan@energyduo.ie