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Dr. Kirk Shanks and Aodhan MacPhaidín have fronted many reports and media energy saving campaigns. Some of their appearances are detailed below.
Dr. Kirk Shanks  and Aodhan MacPhaidín appearing in the RTE show 'My Family Aren't Wasters' - Visit the website

 My Family Aren't Wasters

In this RTE show, two families with high carbon footprints undertake a series of challenges to reduce the amount of energy and resources they waste. They are advised and monitored by our two energy experts, Dr. Kirk Shanks and Aodhan MacPhaidín, who’ve install state of the art sensors to see how electricity, gas and oil are used and wasted.

The idea of this very successful series was that the families should change their ways rather than just buy eco-friendly appliances.

Revisit the series on or each episode as below:

Episode One - Why we need to stop being wasters
Episode Two - The electricity challenge
Episode Three - The gas (non-electrical power) challenge.
Episode Four - The transport challenge.
Episode Five - Waste and recycling challenge.
Episode Six - Are they still wasters? The revisit.

Power of One Street

Power of One Street Logo
In 2007 eight families embark on an "energy makeover" where they learnt how to eat, sleep and live energy efficiency. With the help of energy advisors, Dr. Kirk Shanks and Aodhan MacPhaidín, all eight families made remarkable savings not only to their bank accounts but also for the environment.

In 2008, in phase two of the Power of One Street, five more families across Ireland took part in the energy saving programme and also two businesses and one School.

Take a look at how they fared on

Six-one news

Six-one news reported on the progress of the Power of One Street campaign
22 March 2007,null,230
20th April 2007,null,230
5th June 2007,null,230
25th July 2007,null,230
19th Oct,null,230
14th April 2008,null,230
6th June 2008,null,230

Power of One-Energy Tips

Power of One Energy Tips are presented by Aodhan MacPhaidín on YouTube

Kitchen Energy Tips:
Heating The Home - Energy Tips:
Attic Insulation Energy Tips:
Appliances Energy Tips:
Heating Tank Insulation Energy Tips:

 Morning Ireland

Homes of political party environment spokespersons were tested by our Energy Experts on behalf of Morning Ireland in February 2007. In the first in a series, the PDs Fiona O'Malley and Sinn Féin's Arthur Morgan allowed Morning Ireland to carry out an energy audit of their homes,null,209

Our two energy experts, Dr. Kirk Shanks and Aodhan MacPhaidín, accompany Aoife Kavanagh on visits the homes of Fergus O'Dowd, Fine Gael, and Eamon Ryan, Green Party, to see how green political representatives are at home,null,209

 Independent Profile

The Independent profiled Aodhan MacPhaidín on Thursday June 05 2008